Judy Masliyah



See Judy's new kimono designs at Neiman Marcus Houston Galleria, on view May 1-31. Sneak peek below!

Vintage enthusiast and fashion designer Judy Masliyah of My Flaming Heart reimagined and redesigned our long, silk kimonos, shortening them by draping and resewing the length to create a modern bustle skirt effect. By adding unexpected details like corset lacing and peek-a-boo cutouts, Judy’s kimono designs have a sense of whimsy and glamour.

“My approach to working with the kimonos is the opposite of how I design, explains Judy. I usually start with the idea of a silhouette and then try to find a fabric that works with what is in my head. With the kimonos, I am inspired by the fabric and try to find fabrics and trims that complement it. Then I play with the kimono itself and drape it and see where it wants to go…”

Coming of age in Southern California in the 70s, Judy Masliyah absorbed the counter culture’s sense of wonder and curiousity about the world. She traveled through Europe and the Middle East visiting museums in Paris, pyramids in Cairo, and flea markets with small designers hawking their creations in London. In San Francisco, she studied languages, fine arts and humanities before discovering her passion to create her own art.

Judy moved to New York to study fashion at FIT. Soon she was selling her designs in a boutique in the East Village. That was the beginning of her decades long career in fashion design as she moved through San Francisco, Los Angeles and Texas. She also built costumes for theater, opera, film and music videos. Highlights include The Backstreet Boy’s, ‘Larger Than Life’, Tim Burton’s, ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and San Francisco Opera’s production of ‘Lulu’ designed by Bob Mackie. 
Judy's memories of exploring the funky shops on Haight Street and Melrose Avenue led her to open My Flaming Heart in Houston, Texas in 2010. It houses her collection of antiques and oddities, vintage western wear and her own jewelry and clothing designs.

To learn more about Judy and My Flaming Heart, visit www.myflamingheart.com