PaperCity Magazine - Houston’s Kimono Queen Unveils Matching Face Masks Collection, Tina Zulu Wants to Make the World a Safer and More Stylish Place

When COVID-19 struck, it hurt many local businesses’ abilities to produce and sell products. But a unique fashion trend — matching masks — is all over the Internet right now, catering to the global pandemic we’re living in.

Now a Houston brand is getting into the mix. Kimono Zulu, which focuses on modern styling and reimagining ways to style a kimono, is adapting its styles to these coronavirus times.

Creator Tina Zulu wanted to create a new collection centered around our new normals. Ideal for running errands and going out on the town, Kimono Zulu’s latest looks allow people to social distance with a matching kimono-and-mask set.

Tina Zulu reached out to a longtime friend and art-collaboration partner,  fashion designer Selven O’Keef Jarmon, to design a conscious capsule collection. The men’s and women’s summer kimonos (yukata) are made from Japanese cotton. Each includes a matching face mask (with a layer of silk chiffon for added safety) and belt. 

“With all of us forced to spend more time at home (some days, never leaving the house), it obviously changed the way we dress,” Tina Zulu tells PaperCity. “Outfits are more about comfort and feel-good fabrics. This is where the kimono shines. When I put on a kimono, I am instantly energized and feel fabulous.

“It also brings me joy to see the same reaction in my clients. Now, as the country is opening up and many of us head to work or run errands and such, we believe you can step out safely — and in style.”

The trendy kimonos can be dressed up or down based on the occasion. Lounging around and working from home during quarantine? Kimono Zulu’s kimonos are perfect  to wear in the comfort of your home. With a  change of accessories, these stylish kimonos can also be worn for a fancy occasion. . . like dining out or shopping.

“We are fashionably responding to our immediate times with these kimonos, by transforming them into outfits that individuals can appreciate in the privacy of their own homes,” Jarmon says. “When they are out in public, their masks complementing their kimonos is a statement of respect for the people around them in this time of social distancing. For me, it is about making the world around me safer on a personal level.”

Kimono Zulu designs outfits for men as well. For a unique Father’s Day present, Zulu and Jarmon put together a stylish blue-and-black kimono and mask set.

The sets can be found at Collectivo in the Heights, Magpies & Peacocks in EaDo and The Pop-up Co-Op in River Oaks. A fashion trend that draws upon the rich history of traditional Japanese attire, the kimonos range in price from $225 to $375.

The kimono sets are available short and long, with various sleeve styles including traditional kimono sleeves. The kimono can be worn open or belted as a wrap dress. For more information, personal sizing, or to schedule an appointment, contact Tina Zulu on Kimono Zulu’s website

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