Emilie Duval

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Emilie Duval is a French-American multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Houston and New York. Her artistic journey is characterized by a deep exploration of contemporary issues within the digital age. Through a blend of paintings and digital animations, Duval seeks to unravel the complexities of society's structure and the digital world's impact on our lives. Her work often revolves around the intricate balance of societal structures and the potential future shifts within this delicate equilibrium.

Duval's portfolio is diverse, featuring series such as "The Garden of Yalta," "Computational Dust of Existence," and "Digital Heterotopias," among others. These series of paintings and visual installations highlight her ability to delve into various subjects, from cultural phenomena to technological advancements, and translate them into thought-provoking artistic metaphors. Her aim is to foster intellectual and visual connections, encouraging dialogue and reflection on our digital societies.

Duval's educational background, with studies in the History of Art at Ecole du Louvre and Law, enriches her analytical approach to art. Her solo and group exhibitions span various cities and galleries, demonstrating her active engagement with the art community both locally and internationally. For those interested in acquiring a unique kimono designed by Emilie Duval, her profile offers a glimpse into the mind of an artist dedicated to probing the intersections of art, society, and technology.


Notable Projects & Recent News

Emilie Duval was selected as one of 12 artists for a site-specific art commission at the new Mickey Leland International Terminal and International Central Processor at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston (IAH). This prestigious commission is part of a larger initiative by Houston Airports and the City of Houston, funded through MOCA's Civic Art Program with a significant investment to enrich the airport's cultural environment. Duval's contribution will be a part of a grand exhibition valued at nearly $6 million, aimed at enhancing the experience of millions of passengers annually and further cementing Houston's reputation as a hub of artistic innovation and creativity. This initiative is a testimony to Duval's impact in the art world, further recognized by her accolade as the Artist of the Year 2024 by Art Houston Magazine, which underscores her significant role in shaping public spaces through art.