PaperCity Magazine - Round Top’s Boutique Shopping Experience Brings Fashion-Forward Buzz to the Texas Countryside

Besides the alluring finds in fields and barns, this fall’s Round Top Antiques + Design Show was defined by exciting events with a side of country. Cue The Halles, where PaperCity magazine and Round Top Publishers created a series of unique evenings to lure show-goers. Among this curated list was an exciting bespoke boutique shopping experience dubbed Sip & Shop, which drew a crowd of ardent fashion seekers.

The buzz swirled around a roster of national to Texas boutiques and purveyors: Creativo Concept by Micheline Ferrand Newall, Los Angeles’ Decades by Cameron Silver represented by Erica Levit, Kimono Zulu + Magpies & Peacocks’ Tina Zulu and Ahshia Berry, Lo La Clothing owned by Leah Malasko, Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Lady Lancaster founded by Elizabeth Leaman, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry’s Laura Elizabeth Stuart, Modern Marla’s Marla Hurley (who during the year holds court in Round Top at her Rolland Square boutique), Royal Nomad Jewelry from Khris Remington, The Frock Shop’s Selina Stanford, and sister act Together Segal’s Amy Segal and Melissa Segal.

My Drink Bomb fueled the buzzy shopping frenzy. The night’s signature cocktail Hibiscus Rose & Love Spell Vodka was artfully concocted in collaboration with DASH Vodka. My Drink Bomb was represented by VP Peyton Foster. (Rumor has it Shark Tank is interested in this cool cocktail concept.)

The abundant charcuterie grazing board was devised by Houston private chef Lena Le of Lena’s Asian Kitchen, who would go on to create the finale feast at The Halles’ dazzling disco-themed thank you party the next day.

Adding to the energy, West Chelsea Contemporary, exhibiting in Halle 5 and based in Austin and West Chelsea, New York, contributed an exciting live painting presentation from Austin-based artist Ash Almonte. And the party’s musical vibe came courtesy singer-songwriter Sarah Johnson, in from Dallas, who performed Western classics as well as her own inspired country-inflected songbook.

Round Top Roundup: Kim Rolland as in Rolland Square; Renea Abbott; Marita Fairbanks; Lisa Hough; Matt McCarroll; hat-maker to celebs Teressa Foglia with fiancé Tyler Kyle and posse Savannah Hall and Hannah Smith; Tiffany Halik; Christina Sacco; Kristen Cannon; Kelly Horne; Andrew McCain nabbing a luxury travel bag from Modern Marla; Ellen Kostman in from New York City; Kathy Young; and Peggy Strode.

Also on the scene: hat man Larry Olson, Katie Galliano, Frances Chenne, Hope Hennessey, Macy and Christopher Crossland, Jen Kindig, Vincent Peach VP Michelle Garcia and hosts Round Top Publishers’ and The Halles’ Jim Kastleman, Mary Hoang-Do, Lizzy Welch, Candice Cowin and Alli Stark.

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