Tidbits Houston - FOMO for this Kimono

After too many stops at Common Bond for festive sweets, you've moved straight past your fat pants into say it ain't so sweats.

Cover up the calories and still look chic with a vintage garment from Kimono Zulu. The local brand from publicist-about-town Tina Zulu is at sleek Cindy Lisica Gallery starting today, Dec 12, through Dec 23 as part of the 12 x 3 Design Pop-Up. Kimono Zulu joins brands Iki and House of Takura for a cross-national collection of gifts that are artfully displayed, but ready to try on. Shop vintage men's and women's kimonos and haori jackets (a shorter kimono style worn in Japan by the elite warrior caste over armor before becoming part of common dress in the 1700s). There are also kimonos in collaboration with local artists, who reimagine the classic look with one-of-a-kind adornment.

When it comes to silk that adds coverage, the s'more the merrier.

Source: Tidbits Houston - http://link.gotidbits.com/view/57605b9d18ff43ab4a8b502d6vtvs.353/5815f761