See Soi-k's kimono designs at Neiman Marcus Houston Galleria, on view May 1-31. 

Soi-k is a music collector, artist, and designer based in Houston, Texas. With a background in Design and Anthropology, she seeks to find unexpected illuminations through various mediums, including drawing, painting, and digital formats. 

Her influences range from listening to musical compositions to visual artists such as Martin Puryear, Ruth Asawa, and Isamu Noguchi. Each kimono she has the honor of painting leads to a meditative experience. These influences are apparent in her artwork through organic conception and lines as they mimic the waves of free-form water or frequencies. 

Current works include Cosine1 and Cosine2, named after the song by the band Mamalarky, which was on repeat during these paintings, and featured on the runway in The AAPI Spring Fashion Show alongside Tina Zulu’s brilliant Reimagined Kimonos. To learn more about Soi-k, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram at: @ericka_del_karmen/